Ragasthan - India's Craziest Music Festival

Keep your tummy and shopping bags full.
  1. Megha: Is the hot air balloon ride and other activities at an extra cost or is it inclusive in the pass cost?

    • Ragasthan: Some activities are free like tea and water at the festival. However adventure sports are charged.

  2. sukriti: hi how much cash should I be carrying for one person modest 3 time meal for the four day festival ?

    • Ragasthan: Hey Sukriti, for a modest 3 meals a day and no alcohol anywhere between 600 and 1000 INR/day. Chai-Paani at the festival is free though there are set timings for Chai being served. Alcohol will cost between 100 and 200 per drink on an average.

      • Pranav: 600-1000? :O That's pretty expensive.

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Play on the worlds softest playground.
  1. Ragasthan: Hey Jai, Hot Air Balloon would be priced at 1000/head for a half hour trip into the skies. Paramotoring Costs 1500/head and Paintball etc range from 150 to 300/head.

  2. Varun: Are all these adventure sports activites included in the pass or payable separately?

    • Ragasthan: They're payable separately.

  3. roshini: all this will be inclusive in the ticket or one has to pay an extra amount?

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  1. p: Can i book the swiss tent now?

  2. RRP: I need to book a swiss tent for 2 people. But one of us already has a pass, what is the cost for same? thanks what no can I call?

  3. deepak: what if we want to book the swiss tent and are ready to pay for it in whole but would only be able to check in on friday... and are there stage performance on sunday night as well... also i would like to know is there any internet facility available…

  4. bharat: Whatt is the availability status of the swiss tents as on date .

    • Ragasthan: http://www.kyazoonga.com/Events/ragasthan_2014/818/1


    • Ragasthan: Swiss Tents are only for 4 days.

  6. Xaos Payne: So i want to book the swiss tent for 4 guys now is the cost including everything (entry pass and taxes) or are we gonna have to pay for something extra when we reach there ?

    • Ragasthan: Hey Xaos, your Swiss Tent includes your 4 day festival pass for all occupants including taxes. No further charges are applicable when you arrive at the festival.

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  1. maryam ahmad: Hi guys I am an illustrator and artist who wants to be a part of the Ragasthan experience. I had visited it last yr as a guest and this year I was wondering if there is an artist camp or something this time, where we can paint, sketch, do illustrations+portraits…

  2. Aditya: Is it possible to rent a tent or get one set up when we reach the venue?

  3. Amit Bhagat: Will the common restroom facilities at the campsite area be clean? Will someone be cleaning them regularly? Thanks.

  4. Shanky: What about electricity points.. for charging phones and cameras?

  5. Natasha: Hi, we are bringing our own tent to the fest. But could you tell me a little bit about the security arrangements at the venue. Will this tent area be guarded? Are there locker facilities available for valuables? I have emailed you as well.. but no reply!

    • Ragasthan: There will be lockers available at the venue. Security guards are stationed everywhere including the tent area. However we recommend you travel light.

  6. Ragasthan: Bedding is provided.

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  1. Ragasthan – Not Rajasthan! | Beyond Words: […] next few days alone in the middle of nowhere. But all that changed as soon as I settled into the RagaVan. Just a couple of hours into our 17 hour journey, 13 strangers suddenly became friends drinkin […]

  2. rakshit: i have obtained the weekend passes under the BYOT . please could you help me know the distance from delhi , as i cannot obtain that from google maps. also an estimated time it would take me to reach from delhi. Can 4X2 cars make it easily through the desert…

  3. sonica: Hey, how do we get from the festival grounds to Jaisalmer train station? Are cabs easily available?

  4. R: I have paid for Raga van starting from Delhi. Does it include return to Delhi on 17th as well? If so, what would be the timing? Thank you.

    • R: Regarding ragavan, can you please share details on return to Delhi on 17? Thanks.

  5. Dhruv: Hi wanted to check if I can ride my two wheeler to the venue and if yes what would be the exact location for the same.

    • Ragasthan: The exact location is 4 kms of Khuri dunes and 45 kms off the city.

  6. Mohit: Hi there! Could you please assist me with a travel plan from dubai to ragasthan? Which airport should I fly to and what's the best mode of transport from the airport to the festival? What is the duration of the road journey? Thanks!

    • Ragasthan: Hey Mohit, The closest airport to Jaisalmer is Jodhpur or Ahmedabad. You could fly to either and either take a direct bus to Jaisalmer where the tickets vary from 400 INR to 1200 INR. You could otherwise hire a car which would cost you approximately 4000 INR one way or…

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  1. ligi: Hi, I would love to know how to get from jaisalmer to the festival site and if there are lockers available on site.

  2. Mukesh Lobo: 09045 is a cancelled train. So how do people from mumbai come by train

    • Ragasthan: You will have to change the train from Jodhpur. Direct train has just been started from Mumbai to Jaisalmer however it departs on Friday from Mumbai.

    • Ragasthan: BDTS JSM Express - 19063

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  1. Vaishnavi: Hello, I heard about this festival from a friend and I was wondering if it was going to happen in 2015 too as your website does not currently mention next year's dates. I would also like information about your volunteer programme if you have one. Thankyou

  2. bla bla dude: whats on the menu

  3. Aaron: Will there be steak or bacon?

  4. Deepak: Hey, what's the artists/ DJs lineup??

  5. arshdeep: i only dont like the food from outside part... i was hoping to cook maggi for my friends on fire in the dunes! :(

  6. mickey: What's your policy on tea?

    • Ragasthan: Hey Mickey, our policy on tea is that it be served free to all guests :D

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It's your festival - you have every right to help.
  1. darshan dhariwal: hey m a mba event managment student from naemd ahmedabad....and i want to be part of it....

  2. yavdhesh sanchihar: I want to volunteer this fest. I would love to

  3. shivangi virmani: Hey! This is Shivangi (Delhi) and would like to volunteer for the event. I'll keep myself updated throught the website but you can contact me via my email id. Shivangivirmani@hotmail.com

  4. Akash: Hello , I want get details on the volunteers of the event Mob no 9602524584

  5. Shantanu: Shantanu here, based out of Pune would like to volunteer and have a great experience at Ragasthan

  6. Viral Jain: Hello, I would like to participate in this event as a volunteer.I am into event management,graphic designing,social media management.Please do let me know if there is any opening and way to work with you people and get involved.i am keen interested. Thanks contact no- +91-9806312122

  7. Sneha: Hi! When would you be opening the volunteer registrations? Are there any provisions for volunteers from other cities?

  8. Dhruv: Hii sir , i put up in delhi , n wanted to inquire if there is a lead for volunteers currently?

  9. Khushbu Patel: Heyo, This is Khush here. Would really want to get details on the volunteer front of the entire event. I sure will keep myself updated through website, yet in any case, feel free to reach me on 9870170544. Cheers.

    • Ragasthan: Hey Khushbu, thank you for offering to volunteer. Where are you based out of?

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  1. hitesh rankawat: hey,,i m very much intrested and crazy about dis event. so, please if u can, i want to do volunteering at this event so will u plz tell me the procedure..!!

  2. Nitesh Punhani: I Want to work for this event please tell me what the procedure

  3. Omkar Patil (www.omkarpatilmusic.com): hello ! i have been a follower of this festival and i Wish to perform with my Band for the upcoming fest as we play originals and we are influenced by Poems of Saints (Sant Meera/Kabir/Chokha,more) If you can please check my Info on www.omkarpatilmusic.com Also attached my Bands bio…

  4. vishal sharma: i want to do volunteering at this event so will u plz tell me the procedure..!!

  5. Aniruddh Jain: Its not happening this year is it?

  6. shuchita manchanda: Hi are you going to have another one next year?

  7. mohit ojha: do it again

  8. Trvlyaari: Contact 8 petals for stalls . Check the page of 8 petals Ahemdabad. Call tejas Nair on 9998070758

  9. Jaspreet Singh: Hi, am interested to buy 4 days pass and Rustic Tent accommodation as well for all four days, i have tried but did not get link to buy these anywhere, please assist. Thanks.

  10. Jaspreet Singh: Hi, am interested to buy 4 days pass and Rustic Tent accommodation as well for all four days, i have tried but did not get link to buy these anywhere, please assist. Thanks.

  11. Anil Sk: hi, I am a photographer and had E-mailed you guys about the event photography . Been trying to get in touch , but your contact number seems to be out of service. . So it to be nice to hear from you

  12. Dhruv: Hi i wish to know the artists playing on sat and sun you have not disclosed the pricing for the activites in Udham and which hotels would you suggest to stay which are as close as possible to festival venue Thanks

  13. Rahul: can i get jus a day pass???

  14. Sumeet: Could your team plz call me and provide wit the info abt the passes as no one is responding on the given phone nos....9950780080

    • Ragasthan: http://www.kyazoonga.com/Events/ragasthan_2014/818/1

  15. charuta: i want to know about the procedure of putting up a stall at ragasthan. no one is replying to the emails i have been sending. pls help

  16. JJ: Tried to contact on both the numbers given on your contact page. Once is never answered and the other one seems to be out of service. Please assist.

    • Ragasthan: Hi JJ, Is there a number we can contact you on

  17. bhakti deshpande: Hey, I'm a kathak dancer from mumbai (features in dedh ishqiya & younger Madhuri Dixit). Visit www.bhaktideshpande.com I'm an ardent fan of the desert and my dance form also originates from the land of Rajasthan. I would like to put up innovative performances combining classical / folk / rock /…

  18. bhakti deshpande: Hi, I’m a kathak dancer from mumbai (www.bhaktideshpande.com) & an ardent fan of the deserts & my dance form originates out of Rajasthan. I think I can contribute in an innovative way to combine classical/ folk/ rock/ edm to conceive an exuberant idea that would perfectly fit the requirements of…

  19. Hithendra: Hi, I had bought a ticket in the early bird offer for the event in the tent number D9. Im travelling to the US during that period. Anyone interested in buying it? Will transfer the same.

    • Rahul: wat is the price yu are offering??

    • Tanya: Hi hitendra, I would like to buy you tickets. Also how many do you have?

  20. Deepakshi: Hi, I am unable to get through one of your numbers and nobody is answering on the other number. Could you help please!

    • Ragasthan: Hi Deepak,do drop in your name and contact details on info@ragasthan.com and we will have someone from the team call you.

  21. joanna wingate: Hi, Try to contact you just now, but no answer. I am trying to get tickets for 4 days pass, not 3 days, but it wouldn't go through for 4 days, but will 3 days. Aaah! Please could you help me.

    • Ragasthan: Hey Joanna, call us on 09619071456 or 09867410457 if you're still facing a problem.

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