Festival Policy

Basic Do's & Don'ts.

Festival Policy

Festival Policy: just so that everyone has good clean fun

No drugs or banned substances.

No edibles, water, alcohol from outside.

No sharp objects, weapons.

No plastic, aerosols.

No racism, violence.

No dis-respecting women.

No littering.

No harming/destroying/disrupting or killing any local flora and fauna. 

All ticket holders will be subjected to a thorough baggage and vehicle check before entering the festival premises.
The check is mandatory and is for your own safety.

All confiscated items will be returned to you post the festival prior to your departure.

If found in possession of any of the above or in poor conduct, the festival authorities reserve the right to bar your entry or have you expelled from the premises.




  1. Posted by Vaishnavi, at Reply

    Hello, I heard about this festival from a friend and I was wondering if it was going to happen in 2015 too as your website does not currently mention next year’s dates. I would also like information about your volunteer programme if you have one. Thankyou

  2. Posted by bla bla dude, at Reply

    whats on the menu

  3. Posted by Aaron, at Reply

    Will there be steak or bacon?

  4. Posted by Deepak, at Reply

    Hey, what’s the artists/ DJs lineup??

  5. Posted by arshdeep, at Reply

    i only dont like the food from outside part… i was hoping to cook maggi for my friends on fire in the dunes! 🙁

  6. Posted by mickey, at Reply

    What’s your policy on tea?

    • Posted by Ragasthan, at Reply

      Hey Mickey, our policy on tea is that it be served free to all guests 😀

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