Art meet Desert. Desert Meet Art.


Galiyaro: the gallery

A toast to the spirit of communication and togetherness that only true art can facilitate, Galiyaro will be an interactive do-it-yourself gallery where artists, entertainers and fans will come together to create, reveal and absorb art in all its forms.

Be it a sun dial looming large over the landscape or a giant puppet held from the sky, this space will host artists and feature installations and skill that are as much a product of our imagination as is art itself. Bring the vision and we’ll get you the canvas to realise it.

  • Artists are welcome to showcase their work and installations at Ragasthan.
  • You can come to the festival site upto a maximum of 15 days prior to the event to start work on the event.
  • Yes you’re welcome to stay with crew as crew or pitch your tent within the festival premises.


For your work to be featured you can email us your profile, concept, installation pictures/videos at



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