Morio – Pop, Rock, Alternative & Folk Music Stage

Rock, Pop, Alternative, World, Fusion, Folk, Classical

Morio – Pop, Rock, Alternative & Folk Music Stage

Morio: the peacock

A brave fusion of tastes and styles, Morio is a musical journey in itself. This year, it will host not just acts in the pop / rock / alternative scene but also folk music. And classical. And world. And who knows what else? Music and musicians from the damnedest corners of the world, truly.  The stage like a peacock is bright, colourful and as handmade as possible. Nestled just before the dunes even a stage as large as Morio looks like a drop in the endless desert expanse.

A fun transition from your time enjoying the sunset at Birakha, the stage lights up the evening skies but never in competition to the night sky.

Genres: Rock, Pop, World, Classical, Alternative, Fusion, Folk

Stage Timings: 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm

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  1. Posted by bhakti deshpande, at Reply

    I’m a kathak dancer from mumbai ( & an ardent fan of the deserts.
    I think I can contribute in an innovative way to combine classical/ folk/ rock/ edm to conceive an exuberant idea that would perfectly fit the requirements of the fest.
    I have done such fusions before in solo as well as group dances.
    I would appreciate if i can get in touch with the concerned person to discuss it further.
    Thanks & Regards,

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