In the wild - stay safe.



Social norms in the town area are slightly archaic but never forced upon. Public display of affection is ill advised. Even approaching local women for a conversation, unless in the company of another local male, might raise a brow or two and is preferably avoidable for male travellers. Dress appropriately and keep your interactions just that little bit impersonal while about town.

You are in a desert and you do need your water so always carry a bottle with you.

Respect what you have and conserve what you can.

The festival premises is surrounded by the deserts natural flora and fauna. As barren as it may seem you will be surprised by the amount of wildlife present. Respect it and do not kill, hurt or damage any wildlife in the area.

Watch out for insects and scorpions while walking at night. Always carry a torch with you at night while walking around the festival area. If bitten by an insect or scorpion immediately inform the nearest person to call for help.

While there will be medical facilities at the festival site, it’d be wise to carry antiseptics and any medicines you may have been prescribed. If you have a medical condition that could require immediate attention or treatment, do approach our medical centre and/or inform us in advance.

Add a hook to your phone or string it to yourself to avoid losing it in the sands.




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