Ujalo – Film Screening Tent

Sci-Fi, Shorts, Features, Documentaries, Docu-Dramas, Animated

Ujalo – Film Screening Tent

Ujalo: illumination

Picture a desert night – under it a bed of dunes that rises and falls like a floating feather, a speck of lantern lights that dance to their own peculiar sheet music and a parade of shivering silhouettes, of both man and camel traversing the terrain in unseen unison – and tell us how else can you describe poetry in motion.

Well, the thing is – now you actually can.

An open-air, mattress-cushion-popcorn joint, Ujalo is home to documentaries and film screenings – cult classics, new-age noir and seductive shorts filmed by both budding amateurs and proven champions. Snuggle under a blanket, pour yourself some tea and dive awash into this light of awestruck awesomeness.

Genres: Sci-Fi, Shorts, Features, Documentaries, Docu-Dramas, Animated

Screening Time: 10:00 pm onwards

Send us your films on artists@ragasthan.com and if our team likes it, you might just get your film screened at the festival and a free pass too.

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